What should job seekers focus on in 2021?

As the economic consequences of the pandemic continue to unfold, job seekers are finding it harder to find a job.

How should they approach the market at the start of 2021? What steps should they take to maximize their employability?

Our recruitment expert Kasheef Akram has some advice for job seekers!

Here are few practical Tips to focus on!

Modernize your CV:

Keep 2-3 pages max and make sure it is (ATS Compliant) As most companies use Application Tracking System

Avoid post & pray:

Only 10-15% of jobs are posted on LinkedIn and Job portals, applying here is not enough, your CV must be active on job boards (Be active by logging-in) as profiles get filtered out if jobseeker activity is set 3-7 days search filters.

Apply the Right Job:

Read & Understand the requirements, don’t just go with job titles. Go-through the requirements first then the JD, apply only if the profile meets at least 75% of requirements.

Do NOT send your CV to bulk email ids:

There are high chances that your CV lands in the spam box of Recruiters/HRs. It is recommended to address the receiver respectfully to seek attention.

Preparation is Key:

If invited for an interview, Learn about the company, brush up on your experiences, this will boost confidence.

Never Pay: 

Any Offer letter or Visa Fee, if a company cannot afford to hire you, they may not pay your salary on time nor they can invest in your training & development


Don’t lose hope:

Stick to your passion & profession, don’t get into the wrong job for the sake of a short-term solution, it will impact your career!

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10 commandments for the job seekers in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the generous countries to welcome job seekers from across the globe to hunt for the dream job in the dreamland living in the country on a visit visa.

For any potential job seeker here are the 10 commandments to hit the bull’s eye.

1.Don’t forget the purpose of your visit: The lavish, social lifestyle of this tourism hub has the charm to tempt anyone to find more ways to live here, and on the other hand, it makes many forget the purpose of the visit. hence one should solely take up the job hunt as a full-time job till he/she lands the appropriate offer.

2.Seek the expert’s advice: 100s of thousands of job seekers pour in every day to earn the bread and butter in UAE, many of those are sponsored by acquaintances or friends who are also the first source of any information as well. learning from their experience is always good but depending on professional advice only on them may cost more.” Seek the expert’s advice” LinkedIn is one of the best tools to find one. and choosing the best advisor is a task need to be started from being in your home country itself.

3.Choose to live with professionals:

 living with the family is the primary source of accommodation for many and if you are one of those lucky chaps you gonna save a lot of bugs. however, if you are left with the option to choose your accommodation “chose to live with working people and preferably from your own industry, they will not only boost your morale and esteem, they advise you better. indeed it’s a bit difficult, but if it happens it’s a silver lining.

4.Networking: Yes you read it right, get connected with the people you met in the interview drives, collect the info about the recruiters as well. follow them on social media and also on LinkedIn. Networking will not only help you to attain more interviews, but it may also be fruitful in the future business too.

5.Upgrade yourself: Spend at least 60mins a day to upgrade yourself. you should wait to get hired to learn about the particular business. Ex. if you are an accountant learn about the local tax systems. if you are a banker walk into the branches for experience and product learning or if you don’t know typing learn online for free.

6.Keep yourself disciplined: 

Plan your visit, break into the month, week, and day. have time for every important aspect. not to forget job hunt is not the end result, it’s the process. and cannot keep yourself motivated all time but you can keep yourself disciplined.

7.Keep yourself entertained: Pushing too hard will drain you out, no interviews are after 6:00 PM and on the weekends. you are not a hermit, get out have fun. we need jobs to support life, not life to support job, Keep yourself entertained without being distracted. 

8.Eat healthy and stay fit: Being sick is something you will not enjoy, not only this will slow down your job hunt, it may damage your vault as well. take time for exercise, eat healthily, and stay fit.

9.Plan your future: If you can imagine it you can achieve it, take time to plan your future or at least 2 years of your stay in the country. remember you never gonna get the free time as much you have now to do this stuff.

10.Be your own accountant: 

As wisely said an accountant is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Keep a record of your expenses from day one. Remember, a dirham you save is a dirham you earned.

So those were the 10 commandments to follow to have a productive stay in UAE during the job hunt. stay tuned for more of those.

Have a  blessed and productive stay ahead.



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