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Employment Type

Full time





18000 - 20000



Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Job Posted Time

June 15, 2023

Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

  • Data Engineering

These are the below objectives:

1 Data Acquisition

· Vendor should manage the existing Data pipelines built for data ingestion.

· Create and manage new data pipelines following the best practises for the new ingestion of data.

· Continuously monitor the data ingestion through Change Data Capture for the incremental load

· Any failed batch job schedule to be analysed and fixed to capture the data

· Maintaining and continuously updating on the technical documentation of the ingested data and maintaining the centralized data dictionary, with necessary data classifications.

2 Data Extraction and Cleaning

· Extraction of data from the data sources to be cleaned and ingested into big data platform

· Automation of data cleaning has to be defined before ingestions

· Data cleaning to handle the missing data and remove any outliers and resolve any inconsistencies

· Data quality check has to be performed in terms of accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, believability, and interpretability

3 Data Integration, Aggregation and Representation

· Exposing of Data views or Data models to Reporting and source systems using Hive or Impala, or similar tools provided by us

· Exposing of cleansed data to Artificial Intelligence team for building data science models

Below are skills which are required but not limited to

Skill Set:

Expertise in Big Data querying tools, such as Hive, Hbase and Impala.

Expertise in SQL, writing complex queries/views, partitions, bucketing

Strong Experience in Spark and Storm.

Expertise in Monitoring Tools like Grafana,Prometheous,Zabbix.

Hands on experience in Management of Hadoop Pentaho.

Expertise in storage layer/DB like HDFS,Cassandra,Opentsd                 Expertise in Event-driven Architecture.