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Abu Dhabi
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About the job BCM Manager

  • Lead the BCMS and related initiatives and act as a focal point of contact for BCMS-related interested parties (internal and external).
  • Ensuring that the BCMS and business continuity initiatives undertaken by GPSSA are aligned to the overall business requirements, vision and objectives of GPSSA.
  • Obtain top management approval on budgets and plans to support the business continuity related activities on an on-going basis.
  • Monitor the current state of BCMS, identify gaps and develop capabilities to address the gaps between the current state and the desired state.
  • Ensuring that all program components have been developed considering the business and operations.
  • Responsible for BCM activities including implementation, operation and maintenance of the BCM Program.
  • Ensure reviews are conducted on various aspects of the BCM Program as per schedule and / or based on out-of-cycle triggers.
  • Ensure the updated BCMS documentation is available to staff via the internal portal.
  • Ensure that BIA data is reviewed, validated, updated and consolidated on an annual basis and / or based on out-of-cycle maintenance triggers.
  • Prepare and present BIA reports to the Steering Committee.
  • Ensure BIA report is approved.
  • Prepare and present TRA reports and recommendations to the Steering Committee.
  • Ensure TRA report is approved.
  • Implement, maintain and update the BCM strategy, recovery options, and arrangements as and when required.
  • Assess preparedness of different departments for meeting the recovery strategies and BCM objectives.
  • Ensure BCM strategies and continuity solutions are approved.
  • Plan, organize and coordinate the BCM training and awareness programs for staff and vendors of GPSSA in coordination with Human Resources department and Department Heads.
  • Develop an annual training and awareness plan and maintain it centrally to address the training and awareness requirements for different continuity plans.
  • Ensure that an internal audit of the BCMS is completed on an annual basis covering applicable standards.
  • Ensure critical suppliers and service providers are sufficiently capable to meet the identified BIA requirements and agreements by auditing their capabilities.
  • Plan and facilitate the Management Review meetings on a regular basis and/or based on out-of-cycle maintenance triggers.

Technical Skills 

  • Shall have a good understanding of GPSSAs business processes
  • Should be a person of managerial level
  • Understand the organizations risk maturity and possess relevant risk knowledge background
  • Shall be able to communicate in English and Arabic
  • Shall have a good understanding of Information Technology (IT) and relevant background
  • Shall have Project Management experience in setting up and implementing organizational BCM projects

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